Group News 18 August 2023

Ellie Moorhouse is joining Unity Real Estate

Ellie Moorhouse is joining Unity Real Estate

Ellie Moorhouse is joining Unity Real Estate to lead on a new interior design function. She spoke to our website team about her experience and why she’s excited to get started.

Q: Ellie, welcome to Unity Real Estate. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

A: My previous experiences have been quite diverse, working on high-end commercial projects in various countries, including Doha, Bahrain, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia with Art consultancy, Artelier. Before that, I was part of the team at 1508 London, where I had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects like the Old War Office, in Whitehall, converting the remarkable building into luxury residences and amenity spaces. I have also freelanced for a range of clients along the way.

Q: You mention the Old War Office, can you tell us a bit more about that?

A: It has probably been my most high profile project thus far and really stands out in my mind. The opportunity to work on such a historically significant building, repurposing it into something completely different while retaining the feel of the place was a really challenging but fun experience. The project allowed me to blend modern design elements with the building’s rich history and it was great to see the positive reaction to our work on it.

Q: It sounds like you’ve had quite the career so far! What excites you about joining Unity Real Estate?

A: Unity Real Estate is an exciting opportunity for me because I’ll be able to bring my expertise focus on managing design in-house. Interior design is not just about selecting fabrics and materials; it’s about creating an experience and telling a story through design. Unity’s portfolio offers the potential to implement this into some of London’s most high-profile properties, and I’m looking forward to getting started!

Q: And what projects interest you the most?

A: A big focus for me is the Pioneer project, where I know Unity are already making great strides in creating London’s foremost private, members-only workspace. Once completed, it will encompass an array of exceptional amenities, including private offices, meeting rooms, restaurants and bars, lounges, event spaces, and wellness facilities. On such a diverse and unique project, there’s lots to get your teeth into from an interior design perspective!

Q: Apart from your design work, what do you get up to in your spare time?

A: Outside of my professional life, I really enjoy painting abstract landscapes. It’s a useful way to unwind and connect to your surroundings. I’m also a big sports fan; I try to play and watch as much as possible!